Welcome to CrystalPnk’s Blog

Welcome to my Blog – you can follow me on twitter my username @RandysGirlRKO

A little about my blog – well its more of a on-going-story its a cross between Smallville, Supernatural, Charmed, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, WWE, Knight Rider(2009 version), Fast & the Furious ect. – & REAL teenage life – its like all my favorite things put into ONE – Minus the REAL teenage life part (cause who likes that) – & all the characters of the shows/movies.
Its not gonna start off from the beginning like explaining everything – it will be a learn as you read type of thing & when you first read it some thing may not make sence untill a few days later. From where its gonna start it may take reading the all the post from the first week to understand whats going on when it first starts off.
It will be confusing but after a while you’ll understand – till something new pops up!
I thing it will have something that Everyone likes – I mean look what its a combination of!!!
This is my Wish-It-Was-Real life ………………..